Positive Individual Sheeple Design

What’s A Sheeple?

The word sheeple is a combination of two words: sheep and people. Sheeple are people who act like sheep. They lack individuality or the desire to be an individual or stand out. Sheeple are more comfortable assimilating with the majority or flock to use a sheep term.

They rarely think for themselves but lean to whatever the larger group believes; even when they don’t totally agree with them. Sheeple are easily persuaded people who whole-heartedly believe what they’re told without inquiring for themselves. And Sheeple come in all races and colors.

How to Stay an Individual?

Now, there's nothing wrong with being a member of a group, organization or movement. Groups can be good for us and they can accomplish great things. But never lose your individuality.

Remember the value of your own opinion and perspectives. Be strong enough to be a contributing member of that group. But also, be brave enough to still be different and be you. Don't let the overall opinion or mission of the group determine yours.

Always do your due diligence on whatever the group teaches and/or believes. Ask questions of people inside and outside of the group. Do as much as you need to see the whole picture, gathering information from as many sources as possible. And then form your own opinion.

It's one thing to follow a group because that's all you've ever known or because it's considered cool. And if that's what you choose to do then, welcome to the flock. But it's more impressive, responsible and respectable to become a member of a group because you've made an informed and purposeful decision to do so.

Be An Individual.