Why You'll Never Have His Unconditional Love!

Why You'll Never Have His Unconditional Love!


I've read that unconditional love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves. So it's unselfish love basically. Now that we know the meaning let's get into why you'll never have your husband's unconditional love.

Because having unconditional love for someone else is an unselfish act where we want nothing from the person that we feel it for, that knocks a lot of people out of contention. You naturally think that the love a boy has for his mother, or the person that raises him, would be unconditional but it's not. It's a selfish love but rightfully so. When we're born we rely on someone else to provide everything for us. So we grow to love them because they give us the things that we want and need while we're growing up.

She Said:

What He Said isn't surprising. If there is any single event that occurs to make a person selfless, it's having a child. Growing up, I was taught that God loved us so much that he gave up his only son to die for us. Back then, I couldn't fathom a love like that. Now, having children of my own, I can.

Although we have the capacity to feel unconditional love toward our children, clearly there are exceptions to the rule. Hence, the existence of child abuse, abandoned kids left to the system to take care of, and a host of other atrocities.

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