Marriage: Contract or Covenant

Marriage: Contract or Covenant

He Said:

The intent of marriage was to be a covenant between a couple and God to symbolize and declare their union to the world. This cemented their exclusivity to each other and their commitment to God that they would stay together and live their lives according to His principles.

Throughout the years, marriage has become less of a covenant with God and more of a contract between two people. Most people still go through the motions of a God centric ceremony, but is He really in it? Is he really still the focus? Do people truly mean what they say in the vows that they profess during the wedding?

She Said:

The statistics on divorce in America are staggering and can be disheartening. Marriage can be difficult enough without feeling like the odds are stacked against you. I agree with the argument that people view it as a contract versus a covenant.

Thinking of marriage as a contract suggests that we have the right to dissolve the union based upon certain “clauses” not being met or not allowing for addendum and/or amendments. So many of us go into it with a laundry list of what the marriage will be. We love each other, check. We have similar goals for the future, check. We both want 2 kids and a dog, check, and so on. Then things that didn’t make the list come up like he lost his job and I’m carrying the financial load, or she always wants to spend the holidays with her family with no regard for mine, or he always wants to hang with the boys on weekends, or we found out she can’t have kids. These are just a few examples of the kinds of things that come up, but weren’t found itemized on our list. We realize, more often than not, they are deal breakers. Contract terminated. Divorce statistic, check.

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